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Whether your co-op is decades old or just starting out, whether you are staffed with a team of experienced HR professionals or sharing the HR tasks across various leadership positions, we can provide the support you need. We understand co-op culture and co-op issues because we have lived it.

Why choose Us?

Strengthening Co-Op Communities

Let’s face it – sometimes weird stuff happens at co-ops. Co-op employees are individualistic and expressive folks, and when you put a bunch of them together, you can get interesting results. This is what makes our co-op community stronger and makes your co-op distinctive and fun. This also leads to unusual HR issues. But they are not unusual to us.

Why choose Us?

Holistic Approach

Co-ops recognize the value of unique employee personalities, though managing the human resource function for unconventional staff (not to mention the additional expectations of the Board and your owner/members) creates HR demands above and beyond the typical personnel function. We get it.

Why choose Us?


WrightJones provides co-ops across the country with HR support and legal representation in labor matters, all enhanced by our experience of actually developing, growing, and working in co-op HR departments. We love the co-op world (quirks and all) as much as you do.

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