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Engaging a powerful combination of real-life HR management experience and legal training, we guide our clients through all types of employment challenges. We help our clients implement effective HR practices to resolve with confidence the difficult workplace issues that HR practitioners face every day.


When employment disputes cannot be resolved or avoided, we handle the full range of claims defense. We defend employers in state court suits, federal court cases, government agency charges (such as EEOC charges and DOL investigations) and arbitration proceedings.


We advise employers with unionized workforces in all aspects of their labor-management relationship, from negotiating and administering collective bargaining agreements to handling grievances, arbitrations and other labor disputes. We also help union-free employers who are the targets of union organizing campaigns.


Bringing real-world experience gained from growing co-op HR departments across the country, we help navigate a balance between a co-op’s legal obligations and the needs of Boards and member/owners.


Our attorneys combine actual school district leadership experience with decades of focused legal practice serving school districts and administrators to guide schools through all aspects of their labor relations, general education and governance challenges.


WrightJones is a modern law firm with a singular focus: creating no-nonsense solutions for the challenges that employers and schools face every day. Our clients have one thing in common – a strategic and creative drive to make work better.

Don’t Mess with Texas (Judges)...

It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Department of Labor.  First, a federal court in Texas permanently blocked the DOL’s amended “Persuader Rules,” which would have required employers to report payments to consultants, including lawyers, for certain labor law work.Then yesterday, with...

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When bad words can &%@$(#! you...

We all have our less-than-classy habits, and I am certainly no exception. Some people bite their nails, some leave their socks laying around on the living room floor.  Me?  Well, I may or may not have a rather developed vocabulary when it comes to bad...

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black friday shopping is done, the...

The holidays are in full gear and children everywhere are getting excited for Santa’s annual visit.  For those of you in certain industries with more than 10 employees, this time of year also holds something a little more special for you: it is about time to prepare your OSHA logs!...

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